Advancing music education for over 70 years.

Our mission is to advance & strengthen the cause of music education.


We are a non-profit organization that represents and supports music education throughout Erie County and Western New York.

Musical Growth

ECMEA’s purpose since its inception in 1949 has been to advance and strengthen the cause of music education in Erie County.

For Everyone

We provide leadership in the professional growth of teachers, while offering special musical opportunities to pupils via music festivals throughout the school year.


Each year, ECMEA awards music scholarships to deserving high school seniors who plan to pursue a career in music. These students compete in a rigorous application, audition and interview process administered by selected music educators in Erie County.  Qualities of musicianship, character, leadership and academics are some of the considerations.

ECMEA has awarded nearly $300,000 in music scholarships since 1957.




The ECMEA Scholarship Committee’s recommendation of awards was presented and discussed at the meeting of the ECMEA Executive Board held on 2/13/2020.  ECMEA is pleased to announce the following 2020 Awards:


The allocation of $9000 from ECMEA and $500 from the Barb Malyak fund as follows 

The award of $2,500 ea. to be awarded to:

Richard LaRouech                   East Aurora                 Trombone – Jazz and Classical

Benjamin Mekinulov               Amherst HS                 Cello


The award of $1,500 ea. to be awarded to:

Jonathan (Jack) Fischer           Orchard Park HS         Percussion

Stephanie Magera                  Clarence HS                 Tuba


The award of $1,000 ECMEA and $500 Malyak – a total of $1500 to be awarded to:

Leah Streetly                           Iroquois HS                 Violin




In March, five weekend festivals, encompassing seven choruses, four orchestras, five bands, and four jazz ensembles, showcase the talents of our All-County musicians. These 2100 students perform for a combined audience of close to 10,000!

ECMEA selects conductors with the primary goal of enriching each student’s artistic development. Conductors are chosen from highly respected local programs, nationally recognized collegiate programs, and the ranks of professional conductors. Concert tickets are $6.00.

Professional Development

ECMEA sponsors an annual Western New York Conference Day for Music Educators at the Buffalo Convention Center. Each January, nationally acclaimed educators and performers present and discuss the latest trends in music education.

ECMEA also sponsors an annual Classroom Music Workshop and other programs designed to meet specific music education issues.

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