Scholarship opportunities await.


Please read all of the following – as each year the committee is forced to disqualify some students who have not met the requirements.

Scholarship Requirements


This application must be completed and submitted online no later than midnight on November 15th
Final Auditions: TBD
Final Interviews: TBD


Initial Application
Each applicant must complete the ONLINE application (SECTION A) by November 15th.  This INCLUDES the audio recording submission. 

Sections B and C (Sponsoring SCHOOL Music Teacher and Counselor/Principal) Recommendations must also be received by the November 15th deadline.  On online form of instructions (provided in the application) must be printed out and delivered to the school personnel well in advance of the midnight November 15th deadline. It is the responsibility of the student to check in with the teacher and Counselor/Principal to ensure that the recommendation letters are emailed by midnight November 15th.

Click HERE to complete and submit the STUDENT APPLICATION PART A.

Click HERE to print out APPLICATION PART B – to hand deliver to your Music Director.

Click HERE to print out APPLICATION PART C – to hand deliver to your School Counselor or Building Principal.

Audio Recordings
You must provide recent audio recording(s) of your playing – up to 3 selections – NOT TO EXCEED 15 MINUTES. While the recordings do not need to be a specific length, a total 6 to 10 minutes is sufficient. PLEASE… you must have accompaniment. ACCOMPANIMENT IS REQUIRED, except works specified ‘unaccompanied’. This includes JAZZ applications. It is recommended that your selections represent you and your musicianship. Use of the 6-15 minutes is critical. Contrasting selections (or movements) often show more than one long movement. The preliminary screening committee is NOT the same committee that will hear you should you be invited to the final auditions.

Note: Instructions for SUBMISSION of audio recording(s) are specified on the application.

Printing, Delivering and Confirming Application
Once the STUDENT APPLICATION is complete and you have clicked the ‘Submit’ button, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PRINTED OUT THE SCHOOL PERSONNEL RECOMMENDATION FORMS AND HAVE DELIVERED THEM TO THE APPROPRIATE PEOPLE. After successfully submitting your application, you will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL.  SAVE this email.
Committees specializing in each performance area will choose semi-finalists who will be asked to give an in-person audition before the ECMEA Scholarship Committee at the live auditions.

Semi-Finalist Auditions and Interviews
Semi-finalists’ in-person auditions are eight (8) minutes in length. Performances should be planned accordingly so as not to exceed the allotted time. Also, the audition should be considered a recital performance with the proper dress, acknowledgement of the accompanist, audience, etc. Again… bring your accompanist, as accompaniment is required. This includes appropriate accompaniment for a JAZZ performance.  Whereas the calendar provides for an audition date and an interview date, we attempt to keep the entire process on one day (the first one listed).  Depending on the number of finalists, there may be a need to call finalists back for the personal interview.  Upon acceptance to the final auditions, you will be notified if the second week (specified on the calendar) is necessary.  During the interview portion of the audition, the committee urges each student to present musical ability other than that displayed at the audition (minor instruments, keyboard ability, compositions, etc.).


CLICK HERE to complete SECTION A (Student portion) of the APPLICATION

CLICK HERE to print out SECTIONS B/C (Sponsoring SCHOOL Music Teacher and Counselor/Principal Instruction form)


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