ERIE COUNTY Music Educators Association

"The arts are an essential element of education...[they] unlock profound human understanding and accomplishment." —W. Bennett


PART C - Applicant Evaluation - School Counselor/Building Principal

To be printed out by the student (using the "printer-friendly version" button at the bottom of this page), and completed by the School Music Teacher/School Counselor or Building Principal.


Please evaluate___________________________ in regards to leadership, personality, scholastics and chance at success in his/her chosen field.  School Counselor/Building Principal please include class size and rank.  

Please return this sheet to: Ann L. Mosner, S-5349 Dennis Road, Orchard Park. NY 14127. It must be postmarked by Nov. 15th in order for the student to be eligible to the award.  

You may email a pdf of your recommendation to amosner@ECMEA.ORG  by midnight November 15th. Once you complete this form, sign it then scan it and send it as an attachment to the above address.  Use: ECMEA SCHOLARSHIP in the subject line.

If you do this - BE SURE to go to your SENT MAIL and PRINT a copy of your submission email - which will have the date and time stamp - for your records.  This will be your only proof of submission should a problem occur. 











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